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Many individuals live unhappy lives and try to combat their negative feelings by eating. Others unknowingly destroy their lives by binge eating and then vomiting in order not to gain weight. Still others resort to systematic dieting to the point of starvation. With a history in nutrition as well as psychology Robert is able to help you make the lifestyle changes, including nutritional choices that lead to a healthy life. From my latest book, learn how you may save your life from contracting Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Nobody wants to die from the equivalent to Mad Cow Disease.

In order to make the dietary changes necessary to enjoy a healthy lifestyle it is important to understand why we eat badly or follow other unhelpful nutritional practices in the first place.

Why do I conduct myself the way that I do?

Sometimes the way that we eat has been conditioned in us:

Perhaps we have found through experience that we get more, or less, attention from those who are close to us by eating or not eating.

Perhaps we have had experiences that help cause us to overeat.

Perhaps we have had experiences that make us want to fade away

Perhaps we feel that if we are thin enough others will find us attractive

Perhaps we have been bullied and find power in deciding for ourselves how much or how little we want to eat.


If you have tried all the fad diets that do not appear to work for you but you still want to lose weight; or, if you feel that perhaps you have a problem with anorexia nervosa or bulimia, Robert will try to help you to understand why you eat, or do not eat, the way that you do; or why you engage in destructive habits like self harm, or vomiting.

With understanding comes the knowledge that you do not have to continue with negative dietary habits. Robert will try to help you deal with the problems you experience in constructive ways.

If you wish you may be guided into nutritional habits that will help you to gain energy; have a clear complexion; and clear bright eyes. With the good health that a healthy diet provides; you may also look forward to a sharper mind with none of the negative drowsy feelings that many people experience, particularly first thing in the morning.