In line with the ethos and practice of Clinical Psychology and Counselling Psychology; Research is of prime importance to CCAPS. All of our work has a basis in research. Our approach to therapy is based upon scientifically correlated data. Our approach to assessments can likewise be evaluated scientifically.

Robert's research includes:

The National Centre for Mental Health is raising awareness of mental health research in Wales and provides information on illness, medication and research:

The attached files are representative of research conducted by Robert Jones. The Student Stress Project was conducted during the period 2007 - 2008; the Complicated Grief project which is presented in two parts was conducted during the period 2010 - 2011. As well as the attached files, Robert's research has identified various difficulties associated with a number of therapeutic services that are used commonly and are found to not have a high level of validity or reliability. For more information on this area of research, read Robert's Psychology books discussed on this site. If you are interested in obtaining a high level of physical health, you may be interested in reading Roberts research pertaining to nutrition. This research is found in his books on nutrition, particularly Practical Nutrition: second Edition.

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