Child Therapy is an area that requires specialist approaches in order that the children concerned do not feel threatened in any way.

Children who are referred for psychotherapy or assessment; are referred because they already feel threatened or they have been threatened in some way and as a result have great difficulty connecting with other individuals, particularly adults.

It is, therefore, critical to the emotional and psychological health of children that therapists and assessors who work with them are not only qualified to conduct this work; but fully able to engage with their child clients in order to gain their trust; as a first step to helping them.

Robert and Lyn are qualified and have a wealth of experience between them for engaging with children at all levels. As individual therapists Robert and Lyn have their own approaches to therapy with children. In her approaches to working with children Lyn engages with her clients through play therapy, CBT, humanistic counselling, and through solution focussed therapy. Robert often engages through the use of puppets, art work (Adlerian), and psychodynamic psychotherapy.