Robert Jones is qualified as a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist and he is registered in both fields with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) in the UK. Robert is also a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and he is an Associate Fellow of the BPS (AFBPsS).
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Having worked as a psychologist in hospitals both in Australia and various parts of the UK, Robert began his private practice. He accepts referrals for clients with a wide range of psychological/emotional difficulties and his greatest delight is when he has to say goodbye because his clients have made progress and do not require his help any further.

Prior to his psychological studies Robert gained a PhD in Nutritional Science, and prior to that, was a high school teacher.

"The Psychologists Toolbox: A Practical Approach for Clinical Psychologists" is the next stage in a career that is designed primarily to help individuals who feel that they are unable to help themselves. Just published at the beginning of April 2018 was "The Psychologists Toolbox: Home Edition for Self Help". This book is designed for those who feel that they could help themselves but need a little guidance. In the pipeline is a follow-up book. This one is nutrition focussed.

Just Published in the middle of June 2018 is The Psychologists Toolbox: Your Food May Be Killing You. Following the successful publication of "The Psychologists Toolbox: A Practical Approach for Clinical Psychologists", and, "The Psychologists Toolbox: Home Edition for Self Help", I considered the facts that there are a great number of individuals who would like to make lifestyle changes for their health's sake but do not understand the science behind health and nutrition.

I also considered the facts that a great many books have been published over the years, with the idea of informing their readers about the "best" foods to eat, but neglect to inform their readers of the lack of science behind their claims.

This book gives its reader the background behind a personal journey through asthma, on to cancer, then back to a condition that I had never experienced before - TRUE HEALTH.

This book then provides the reader with the methodology for making changes that can be permanent in providing health that is open to anyone. It is an approach to health that incorporates a lifestyle change. That lifestyle change is based on the science of nutrition. Like everything that I write, It is evidence based.